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Hmmm... What can I tell you about me.


My name is Cheryl Aldrich. I am a mixed-media artist and mom of 2 adorable Yorkies. Puppies (my dogs will always by "puppies") and paint fill my days and make me smile. I've painted in many mediums in the past; my favorite was oil, until 2010. At that time I started playing with acrylics and other paints, pens, and pencils at first as an exercise to make me loosen up. It was so much fun that I fell in love with the whole process very quickly.

I continue to take some online classes here and there to learn from other artists. There's just so much one can do with mixed-media, getting ideas from others helps me explore and grow. I enjoy the classes, the inspiration, and the friends I make in the art community all over the world. I will share some of my class project here, the one's that I'm not too embarrased to share.

I hope you will enjoy following my art journey and my puppies as they grow.

Abby and Pixie

Abby (left) and Pixie (right) cuddled up in their little bed which is placed on a table next to my sewing table. The floor is just too far away from me.
Abby meets Pixie for the first time when Pixie was 4 weeks old. She was so small she could fit in one hand. Pixie, 4 weeks old. Pixie running to mommy. Abby's 6 month birthday. Abby about 3 months old, just being adorable. Abby's first snow. It's pretty cute when a puppy is up to her chest in 3 inches of snow. Abby playing with a leaf her first weekend in her new home.